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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Brisbane South East North And West

Service, all Brisbane suburbs and Gold Coast Area. We can clean your concrete roof tiles without removing the surface coating that still exists to emphasise the existing colours that exist in the roof tiles saving you thousands of dollars in repainting cost.  Your roof tiles may have mould growth that just simply needs to be killed off and using a combination of cleaning agents and low pressure water to remove any traces of mould, and an emphasis not to lift any paint during the pressure cleaning process will allow your concrete roof tiles to be cleaned without the need for repainting. If your roof paint has become chalky, then this is an indication that its time to have all your roof paint removed before re-applying a new roof paint coatings to enhance adhesion. 

An unsealed concrete roof tile can absorb water into your home roof area creating flooding and water damage, mould, timber rot, plaster damage and family health issues.

  • Concrete Tile Cleaning 
  • Colour Preservation 
  • Metal Roof Cleaning 
  • Mould Removal
  • Awning Washing 
  • Industrial Roof And Building Washing
  • House Roof And House Washing Service
  • Gutter Cleaning High Pressure Water Roof Cleaning
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