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Brick Cleaning

New Construction Brick Cleaning Services Brisbane South East

Need an experienced brick cleaner for newly laid bricks with over 20 years experience then call us, as we have faced many jobs with many variations of approach as all work differ depending on how much mess the bricklayer has left behind.

Is the cement mix the exact measure it should be? What colour bricks/mortar or makeup of the brick or block depends on the type of acid we use at all, or if we use any to prevent damage from the high pressure gun.

Do we need to scrape the bricks first before we apply acid? At what point do we neutralize the bricks. Does the brick have natural salts already leaching, these are some of the situations we have faced.

Then you have access, is the scaffolding set up correctly without us having to move planks as this adds time and cost on the job. Other hazards we face are water and acid overspray on other workers onsite, pedestrians, neighbours vehicles, neighbours clothing on the line, so before we get to your job we already know what to look for.

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